Sex Facts: Research Into Men’s and Women’s Experiences

Many people like to think they know everything about sex – including how their partners experience it. But there’s usually something extra to learn, and, rather than being a punch to the ego, that’s actually a good thing. Becoming aware of research into sex trends can equip a man with the knowledge he needs to improve his sexual experiences – both for himself and possibly his lover. In addition to maintaining penis health, educating oneself about the latest sex facts is an important component of sexual wellbeing.


About 85% of men in one survey said their partners achieved orgasm during their last sexual encounter; only 64% of women reported reaching climax. This discrepancy may be attributed to men’s reluctance to admit their partners didn’t orgasm, but some of it is likely honest confusion – many men mistake a partner’s pleasurable moans and movements for an orgasm when that’s not actually what’s happening. Communication is key here.

General Orgasm Discrepancy

In one study, 75% of men reported regularly reaching the big finish in their sex lives; only half of women could say the same.


Researchers found that 30% of women surveyed reported that they find sex to be painful. While some soreness is bound to result from a long or rough session, this high number indicates that something else might be going on.

Oral Discrepancy

Men receive more oral sex than women – and the gap is widest for women in their 30’s. Seventy-eight percent of men in this age group reported receiving oral in the last year, compared to only 59% of women. Get those tongues moving, guys!


What can be gleaned from these studies? When it comes to sex, women tend to give more than they get. Orgasm is typically more difficult for women to reach, and some may be just fine with not getting there every time. But here are a few general tips for men who want to maximize their partners’ pleasure – something any man should have in mind:

– Mix up the activities. It’s easier for many women to climax if sex involves variety. And one important ingredient in this, for some women, is oral. If a man is self-conscious about licking his lady, he can feel free to ask how she likes it, and to check in as he goes. Never be too proud to ask – she’ll likely appreciate the attention to her enjoyment. And, since every woman is different, it in no way reflects poorly on a man’s skill or experience.

– Think she had an orgasm? Ask to be sure. If that gets old, consider asking her to announce when she’s about to finish. This can be a big turn-on for a man, and a woman may get a thrill out of saying the words. And, of course, it lets a man know what’s really going on!

– Make sure she’s not in pain. Using adequate lubrication can help here – even if she tends to be quite wet, having a product on hand in case she starts to dry out is a good idea. Don’t be afraid to check in and make sure she’s comfortable – some people hesitate to say when they are not enjoying something or are feeling pain in the heat of the moment, and opening up the door now and then can help her express herself more easily.

When a woman’s pleasure is as central to sexual activity as a man’s, a couple may find itself engaging in more frequent sex. While that’s a great thing indeed, it can take a toll on the penis – particularly the penis skin. Lubrication will help protect against friction and chafing. So will the daily use of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Man1 Man Oil contains both Shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent natural moisturizers. When it comes to lotion, it’s best to go for something made for the penis, since hand and body creams may be too harsh for the delicate male skin. Take good care of the manhood so it is ready to go for the next romp.

Premature Ejaculation Cures – Facts and Tips

Premature ejaculation is indeed a matter of concern as many marriages and relations result in ultimate calamity due to lack of men’s ability in bed to satisfy their partners. Many men ejaculate sooner than their partner would like during sexual intercourse. If it happens on a regular basis then you are suffering from the condition known as premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a common complaint for men. Approximately one in three men has this problem at some point in their sex life. Biological and psychological factors are the main cause of this problem.

Luckily, it can be treated. Controlling ejaculation will not happen overnight, it takes hard work but the results are well worth than the effort.

There are various ways to delay your ejaculation and dramatically increase your sexual stamina. The best thing to do as a first step is to consult a trusted doctor if you are suffering from this problem. Instead of hiding it talk about your problem with your partner and try to get some help from her. Or just try a few different sex positions which have a huge effect on your ability to control ejaculation. Missionary position or man on top is considered to give more impact on premature ejaculation so better choose a different positions like side-to-side, doggy style, woman being superior, etc.

Also control your mind through breathing techniques. Don’t ever miss the exercises for preventing PE. Kegel exercises are specially designed to make you a master in bed. It will directly works on your pelvic muscles and helps to increase the blood flow. Take medications on a daily basis to prevent premature ejaculation. Use of some topical anaesthetic creams will also help to improve PE by reducing sensation. Other than these treatments include psychological counselling, meditation and some sexual techniques.

Last Longer in Bed []

Last Longer in Bed: Facts and Tips

The desire to extend playtime beyond its usual duration is a common one among both men and women. If both partners are interested in this, it makes sense to learn some tips about how to last longer in bed – provided that both partners’ expectations are realistic. If one or both partners place unrealistic expectations on the man’s stamina, then performance anxiety can set in and further disrupt sexual pleasure. Since sex is an important part of psychological, relationship and penile health, couples should know not only tips for lasting longer, but facts that dispel common misconceptions about a man’s lasting powers as well.

1. Get the facts straight. There is a notable discrepancy between what people want in bed and what they can reasonably expect (without proper preparations). Consider the following bits of data:

· A Cosmopolitan magazine survey of more than 2,500 women found that more than 70% said their desired length of intercourse (from penetration to male orgasm) is over 10 minutes, with most saying 15-25 minutes.

· The same magazine surveyed about 30,000 men and found that, on average, they want longer sack sessions (including foreplay) to last 35-40 minutes.

· The average man can handle 3-7 minutes of continual thrusting before ejaculating.

Clearly, some of people’s expectations around sex are unrealistic – at least unless they take special measures to lengthen the duration of the activity. It’s not that men have a problem – only 2-5% of men qualify as suffering from premature ejaculation, which is defined as finishing within one minute. Lasting for a short period of time is completely normal, so couples need to understand that, first, it’s not a man’s fault, and, second, both can take steps to lengthen their encounters.

2. Proper training is key. There are a couple things men can do outside of partner play to increase their control over ejaculation timing. One is to perform kegels; this is done by contracting the muscles that control the flow of urine through the penis. The exercise is also known to strengthen erectile function. 3 sets of 15 reps spread throughout the day is sufficient to make a difference, and they can be done anywhere.

Second, men can use their masturbation routine to up their bedroom stamina. This is done by employing a method called edging in which a man brings himself to the brink of orgasm, then stops and waits until he begins to soften to start up again, repeating the process 3 or 4 times before allowing release. This trains him to better control the time of release.

3. Vary the speed. Remember: 3-7 minutes of continual thrusting is the normal time it takes for a healthy man to finish. If both partners are fond of the jackhammer style of sex, fast and constant, it’s not reasonable to expect much longer from a man. Therefore, when he feels close to finishing, he can take this as his cue to slow down – kind of like edging, but with a partner.

4. Try the “7 and 9″ method. The 7 and 9 method dictates a more structured approach to varying speed. The man thrusts fast 7 times, then 9 times more slowly and repeats.

5. Have mid-play. A man can maintain both penile and vaginal stimulation without thrusting in and out. When he’s getting close, he can pull out and rub the head of his penis along the woman’s labia and the opening of her vagina. He can even use the tip to stimulate her clitoris.

6. Thrust shallow. Along with varying thrust speed, the depth can be changed to extend duration. While stimulation of the top of the shaft and head is still immensely pleasurable, it may bring about ejaculation more slowly than full engulfment of the organ. Also, shallow thrusts are best for hitting her G-spot, so she won’t be likely to complain. Classic doggie style with shallow thrusts is great for a man’s ability to control thrust depth and hitting the G-spot.

7. Be more in the moment. Everyone has likely experienced the “race to the finish” mentality. It can be hard to delay that immensely pleasurable moment; sometimes, people fear that they won’t finish if they wait, so they let it happen early on despite an overall desire to go longer. Men can try to shift their perspective from seeing sex as a means to orgasm to seeing it as an enjoyable experience at all its many possible stages.

Men aren’t likely to last longer if their skin is sore and chafed. That’s why it’s a good idea to use plenty of lube during masturbation and sex. It’s also wise to apply a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) after a man’s daily shower. A product with Shea butter and vitamin E can keep the skin is good condition and ready for action.

Sex and The City Party Ideas

Sex and the City 2 comes out on DVD October 26th, so now’s the time to plan a party!

A Sex and the City party is perfect for a girls night in, and it won’t break the bank!


E-vite has a Sex and the City invitation, and it’s FREE! If you haven’t tried, it’s FREE, easy to use and they’ll keep track of your rsvp’s!
Invitation wording: Bring on the cosmos and couture! Sex and the City 2 is coming out on DVD, and just as the four fabulous Manhattanites would, we need to make this a night to remember! Don’t miss out on the fun night of fancy finger food, girl talk, and accessory swap, a trivia contest, the movie and more! Please bring a gently used fashionable accessory for the swap…suggestions: scarves, hats, purses or big baubles that are collecting dust in your closet! Just think…with a little luck you may go home with an accessory you adore! Party attire: fashionable outfits inspired by your favorite characters are encouraged!
Invitation Cost: $0

gather shoe boxes, shoes and magazines.
Run white tulle around the centerpiece.
Scatter strands of pink curling ribbon all over the table.
Stand back and admire your Sex and the City centerpiece!
Decoration Cost: $10 for balloons (The secret to frugal entertaining is working with what you have!)

Cosmos…of course!
Having 1 signature cocktail will help keep costs down.
Food…we served fun finger food, but you could opt for Chinese take-out like the Sex and the City gals!

Sushi Tray
Popcorn…lots of fun flavors!
Martini Glasses filled with M&M’s
Food & Drink Cost for a party with 10 guests: $30.
Accessory Swap Party Game:

Everybody brings a gently used accessory to swap…purses, scarves, hat or costume jewelry.
Display all the accessories on a table.
To begin, sit in a circle and have everybody tell the story of their unwanted accessory. For example, I won this purse in a raffle, and it’s not my style or my sister-in-law gave me this elegant scarf, but I never dress up!
Now it’s time to draw numbers and start swapping.
#1 gets to choose the accessory they want, then #2 and so on! Of course, to make it fun…stealing is encouraged, but remember only 3 steals per accessory.
Accessory Swap Cost: $0
Trivia Game Questions:

Question: Why did Charlotte quit her job at the museum?
Answer: To start a family with Trey
Question: Who wrote the book that the TV show is based on?
Answer: Candace Bushnell
Question: What newspaper does Carrie write for?
Answer: New York Star
Question: Who did Dolce & Gabbana select to model in a show for them in the 4th season?
Answer: Carrie
Question: Which of the girls married first?
Answer: Charlotte
Question: Which girl was first to have a baby?
Answer: Miranda
Question: Which girl is oldest?
Answer: Samantha
Question: What was the name of Steve’s bar?
Answer: Scout
We bought a painted martini glass from Homegood’s ($4) for the winner!
Trivia Game Cost: $4 for the prize!
End the evening with popcorn and the Sex and the City 2 movie that you’ll rent!

Total Party Cost: less than $50!

Sex and the City

Sex and the city was a hit television show which premiered first in the year 1998 and the last show of this part comedy part drama was aired in 2004. This television series was based on the book by Candace Bushnell “Sex and the City”.

The story of four young women professionals

The series portrayed the lives of four young women professionals living in New York City and their search for sex, love, passion and maybe a perfect relationship. The format of the series was comedy and it was created by Darren Star. The main cast included Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall. Based on this series, in 2008 the movie was also released which was directed and written by Michael Patrick King. This movie that was based on “sex and the city” series was again a romantic drama with a tinge of comedy.

A new perspective on today’s lifestyle

The television series “sex and the city” portrayed aptly the lifestyle of single women in a large city. In fact it echoes today’s reality where more and more women are joining the professional work force and are rediscovering the meaning of freedom, sex, orgasm, love and relationships.

The series brings alive the widest possible shades of human thought, emotion and feeling ranging from short term passionate relationships, long term working relationships and the desire to find true love.

The four women characters of the series are caught in the whirlpool of these basic human instincts and each episode portrays the ups & downs and the sweetness-bitterness of the numerous unfolding relationships that they have in the city.

Apart from the drama part, this series also handled socially relevant and contentious issues related to STD’s, safe sex, multiple partners, promiscuity and the changing roles and definitions for women in society.

The study of the television series “sex and the city” as a subject with relevance to today’s evolving society cannot be complete without touching in detail the following topics-

The Premise of the series, Overview of characters, Episodes, Opening theme, Viewer response and impact, Awards and recognition for the series, Quotations, Film and Pop culture references.

Sex and the city: More than sex or fashion

I would say that the television series “sex and the city” was more than sex or fashion. It was a genuine attempt at exploring the true meaning of human freedom and the meaning of being sincerely single and ruthlessly truthful about your own self as well as the relationships that you get into.

For free information and advice on topics and issues related to women, visit []


This site envisions the rise of womanhood in true sense that is the rise of the “essence” of womanhood in the physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual planes. It calls for the beginning of a campaign for the true rise of women in all spheres of life for the restoration of the balance in nature.

Somewhere we have to make a beginning and it’s always better if we make the initiation at our own self. We can strengthen this mass movement for the “rise of womanhood” by bringing about the necessary changes in our own life as felt by our inner self. Further we can transmit the new thinking to others who care to listen. A small step today will definitely lead to a giant leap tomorrow.

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Sex and the City Wedding Speech

Who would have ever thought that a show about four single girls in New York City, who embark on a quest to find true love, would have one of the most beautiful wedding speeches ever written? That was delivered by the main character herself, Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. She said this at the wedding of Miranda’s friend and interior decorator, where she was invited along with Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

You can use this one speech as a template for your own. It will surely be a good ending to your speech. The Sex and the City wedding speech is one magical speech that can make your heart melt as soon as you read it.

Sex and the City Wedding Speech: The Words

Here are the words to what can be considered as the most romantic Sex and the City wedding speech ever written. As you go through the speech, you would realize that it is a poem dedicated to the couple. A poem is one great example of how you can compose your speech.

It tells about how they completed each other and how important they were in each other’s life. The Sex and the City wedding speech shows that the moment you find your true love, it will be the beginning of your time forever with this person. Here is a synopsis of the speech.

His hello was the end of her endings

Her laugh was his first step down the aisle

His hand would be hers to hold forever

His forever was as simple as her smile

He said she was what was missing

She said she instantly knew

She was a question to be answered

And his answer was “I do”

The Sex and the City wedding speech above is one great example of how poems can be used as a speech at the wedding you are going to attend. It will give the romantic edge that the occasion needs to have that perfect wedding feel.

If you use this wedding speech, the audience will be enthralled by your words. Remember that you can also make some changes to the speech if you see fit. You do not have to copy it as it is. It is even advisable to make up your own so that you will not have difficulty in remembering the words because they came from you.

Sex and the City Wedding Speech: Writing Your Own

As stated above, you can write your own speech based on the Sex and the City wedding speech. You can write about how much you love each other and how much you are willing to give to one another. What is important is that you are able to express how you feel and speak the truth during the ceremony.

The Sex and the City wedding speech can really help you as an example in writing your own speech. It will give you the right words to express your love for your spouse.

Thank you for the time you spent with me reading this article about sex and the city wedding speech! I’d also love to meet you on my blog to have a chance to tell you more about wedding speeches – actually you could start by browsing the category page for wedding speeches examples right away – you will want to share it with others.

A very talented writer, Stacy Craig has a writing experience of many years. She is currently working as the senior editor at Raw Nuke, and has written content for many websites and blogs worldwide. She is working in affiliation with many companies, and her work has received much admiration from several clients. Her work is known to be excellent, and delivered within deadlines.

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Host a “Sex and the City” Martini Party

Welcome to the big city, Manhattan, NYC.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are surely all Martini Girls. Martinis have played a big role in the TV show and movie, “Sex and the City”, since the beginning. The concoction of choice always seems to return to the Cosmopolitan, which is Carrie’s favorite drink.

So you’re thinking of hosting a “Sex and the City” Martini party? Here you’ll find everything you need to pull of an unforgettable evening of female bonding.


When decorating for a “Sex and the City” Martini Party, remember to celebrate each of the girls’ individual tastes. There should be plenty of shoes and tiny purses around, and perhaps some “I (heart) NY” stuff as well. Around your party room can be “icons” of each character, like an open laptop and lots of clothes laying around for Carrie, preppy items that only Charlotte would have (think plaid!), sexy and passionate colors for Samantha, and Miranda’s area of the party room would look professional but a bit nerdy.

Food and Drink

When planning food for your “Sex and the City” Martini Party, you may want to order in Chinese food, which is a big comfort food on the show for the girls. Other food ideas include shrimp, sushi, Mexican or any other fare from one of the New York City restaurants the girls may have been bonding in during one of the episodes. Of course, the featured drink will be Cosmopolitans, but Apple-tinis should also be offered.


It’s all about looking like you’re partying in New York City, with short skirts, tight fitting tops and shoes to die for! Guests may choose to dress as one of the characters on the show, not only the four main characters, but also any of the recurring or significant roles that have popped up during the show.

“Look Charlotte brought party favors!”

Last but not least, the party favors. They can be joke items like tampons. This comes from the episode where Miranda finds out she’s pregnant and Charlotte finds out she’s not. Charlotte brings a rather large box of tampons to brunch and slams them down on the table. Carrie then says “Look, Charlotte brought party favors.” Other ideas include any “I (heart) NY” stuff or Cosmopolitan mix.

To set the mood of your party with cool decorations and party favors, there’s lots and lots of Sex and the City [] stuff.

Have fun and when the guys show up, you can give them cool nicknames based on their individual quirks.

For everything you need for your next martini party, please visit []. There’s a free martini party planner to help you with your party.

Sightseeing in New York City

New York City is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world; a city steeped in history and culture and boasting some of the greatest architectural attractions in the world, there is no shortage of things to do and see while visiting the Big Apple.

In fact if you are planning on visiting you should plan your itinerary quite carefully as the likelihood that you will be able to fit in a visit to every one of the greatest New York attractions is slim.
While the legendary attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square are a definite must, there is so much more to New York Travel. There are the artworks at Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA and Metropolitan Museum of Art; the spectacular architecture encompassed by Brooklyn Bridge and the Flatiron and Chrysler Buildings and of course, the fantastic retail outlets!
With so much to do and see many visitors opt to take a New York tour or two during their stay. There are a wide variety of New York City sightseeing tours available, so the tours you decide on will depend entirely on your preferences.

New York Sightseeing Tours

A Bird’s Eye View

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to New York sightseeing tours, an air tour of the Big Apple is a must. Viewing this amazing city from a helicopter is truly extraordinary as it gives you a perspective that you will not get from land based New York tours. There are various New York air tours available which range from comprehensive sightseeing tours of New York City to Statue of Liberty tours and romantic flights over Manhattan.

City Cruises

New York cruise tours give travelers the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple from a distance. There are various types of cruise tours available in New York; there are day cruises around Manhattan harbor, glamorous dinner and dancing cruises, Statue of Liberty tour cruises and cruises in which you watch the glittering holiday lights. Cruises are an excellent option to keep in mind when considering which New York sightseeing tour to book during your holiday in the Big Apple.

Shop Till You Drop

New York and shopping are synonymous concepts – there is no better way to visit the most eclectic range of retail havens than with a New York shopping tour. Visit the Garment District; feast your eyes on the magnificent window displays along Madison Avenue, behold the splendors of Saks Fifth Avenue or buy trinkets from the street vendors on Canal Street. A New York sightseeing tour of this variety will give you a great introduction to sumptuous shopping in New York City.

Step by Step

Walking tours in New York are extremely popular as you get to experience many of the attractions that are not even visible from the bus tour routes. New York tour guides will show you locations where historic events took place, share the stories of the generations who tread the paths before you and expose you to some of the city’s hidden gems. The Luxury Chocolate Walking Tour is an absolute must for any chocolate lover visiting New York. The chocolate treats from the street cafes and bistros of the Upper East Side will leave you with a new appreciation for this heavenly delight.

Beautiful Bus Routes

One of the most popular offerings when it comes to New York sightseeing tours, bus tours allow visitors to experience quite a lot as they cover more ground than walking tours. There are several types of bus tours in New York and the tour you select will depend what your main interests are. There are tours that focus solely on the main attractions, historical tours, movie and television tours and tours that expose travelers to a little bit of everything.
One of the most popular bus tours in New York City “Sex in the City” tour which features 40 locations from the hit television series. Sit on Carrie’s apartment stoop, visit the series’ local bar and pass the shoe store where Carrie blew most of her salary cheques.

No matter which type of tour you chose you are bound to be enthralled by the views, attractions and the sights and sounds that are unique to New York City.

At New York Journey we have developed an informative, up-to-date directory of New York attractions and fantastic New York Hotels. There are also several New York sightseeing tours available on this site during which you will get the chance to see the top New York City attractions. These tours are sometimes the best way to see as many of the New York attractions as possible in a relatively short space of time.